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Mosquito and Tick Control

Integrated Approach to Reduce Risks of Disease from Mosquitoes and Ticks

Not only will mosquitoes drive you crazy with their itchy bites, but they can transmit serious diseases including West Nile Virus. If an infected tick bites you, you’re at risk for Lyme Disease among other tick-borne illnesses. Thomas Pest Services can help control mosquitoes and ticks in your yard so you can enjoy your backyard again!

Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Ticks

Reduce mosquito and tick populations on your property with help from an Albany pest control company that has third-generation experience protecting the Capital District and Adirondack region Our mosquito and tick control experts will help reduce your risks for vector-borne diseases by reducing the number of mosquitoes and ticks in your yard. Here’s how we help you get rid of mosquitoes and ticks:

  • Identify areas of your property where ticks and mosquitoes can thrive

  • Recommend methods to eliminate conditions conducive to mosquitoes and ticks

  • Treat shrubbery, structures, plants, and other prone harborage sites on your property with an organic product

  • Offer ongoing treatment services while these pests are a problem

  • Mosquito spray application where needed

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